Buying with Intention

Fiona tells her buyers from the outset that she will give them the good, the bad and the ugly on any home they see and declares herself “brutally honest”. The potential to grow equity homes and maximize return on investment down the road are Fiona’s top priorities for her buyer clients, especially as many of her clients are energy or medical industry employees, only here for 3-5 years.



Closing with Confidence

Using exceptional market knowledge, analytical and negotiation skills, Fiona will work to find the best possible home in the best location within the budget that best suits her client’s needs.  She works tirelessly to make sure her buyers are aware of all their options, the pros and the cons, so they can feel confident in moving forward with what is for most, the biggest purchase of their life.

Please contact Fiona for her E Buyer Guide.

Work With Fiona

Fiona is a unique real estate agent in many ways. She does not simply sell homes. She markets them using an impressive array of techniques and strategies learned from the marketing world.

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